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We help our clients rediscover their lives, in the absence of an eating disorder. 
  • Interdisciplinary
    Work with a team of professionals that are here to see your recovery to completion. Rediscover is made up of medical providers, therapists, registered dieticians, spiritual counselors, and personalized fitness trainers.
  • Individualized
    On day one, we craft a plan that fits your needs and schedule. Your journey is unique and important to us.
  • Real World Skills and Exposure
    Rediscover has a full kitchen to cook & enjoy meals and snacks. Our team will walk you through the tough moments and celebrate the wins. At Rediscover, clients will learn how to be present and mindful in each moment.
  • Relationship with Exercise
    We want to assist in healing your relationship with exercise. We will work with you to find movement that you truly enjoy and will support your new healthy lifestyle. Rigid routines can be broken and you can heal your relationship with exercise. Find joy in healthy movement that isn’t calorie-burning focused. Things like leisure walks can be enriching again. Once weight is stable and healthy, learning proper weightlifting techniques with our personal fitness trainer is an option to gain muscle and strength. We want you to leave confident in not only your food choices, but how you approach exercise.
  • Christian Environment
    We offer a Christian approach to treatment where prayer and finding identity in Christ is the foundation of your Rediscover experience. We want you to Rediscover who you are and what you were created for. We believe in true healing from an eating disorder. True freedom. We respect all client decisions on embarking on the Christian recovery track, and will provide a supportive environment to all clients regardless of beliefs. The atmosphere at Rediscover will reflect the love of Christ.
  • Comfortable Location
    Rediscover is located in the heart of KY in a cozy building where clients will truly feel at home. Each room was redesigned for a comfortable treatment space.

What WE Treat

We will also look at the following components

Body Dysmorphia

You can't stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance: a flaw that appears minor or can't be seen by others.


Exercise that significantly interferes with important activities, occurs at inappropriate times or in inappropriate settings, or when the individual continues to exercise despite injury or other medical complications.


Obsessively fixated on ‘healthy eating’ that well-being is damaged.

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